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The Art of Herding Cats: Creating and Aligning Vision

Why does a leader, or anyone really, need to create a personal vision statement?

Vision statement focuses with presenter Linda Patten

Developing your own deeply personal vision statement is critical to your success as a leader. As the leader, it is necessary for you to know where you are going. The personal vision statement provides that direction to ensure you are on the right path.

The vision statement focuses your life, your accomplishments, your joy and happiness. Linda teaches you 3 critical skills that successful leaders use to develop killer visions that propel themselves and their teams into realizing the life they deserve.

Join like-minded businesswomen for this informative program while networking and making new friends to enhance your professional and personal lives.

Space is limited, RSVP today!

8:30am – Networking/Check in/Continental breakfast

9:00am – Program begins

Cost: $15.00/pp by 03/09; $17.00/pp after 03/09 or at door

Please RSVP by Thursday, March 9th at:  Meeting Evite


Want Success? Use Your Brain! with presenter Julie Anderson

Mark your calendar to join ABWA’s Bay Area Business Express Network on Saturday, February 11th. Want Success? Use Your Brain! with presenter Julie Anderson. All of us desire to achieve greater success in business and in our personal life.

In order to do this, we need to use our head, or should I say our BRAIN. Understanding why people act and react the way they do is crucial in making a connection with them. In turn that connection is crucial in order for transactions to happen.

To make this connection we have to understand how science and psychology mix. When we educate ourselves on how people think and process information this leads to understanding why they do things the way they do. In other words, understanding their Brain Personality Connection. Then guess what? Success happens!

In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Identify our natural brain gifts and how they affect our connection to other people
  • Accelerate your connections and increase your sales
  • Maximize your effectiveness in relationships for greater happiness and success

8:30am – Networking/Check in/Continental breakfast

9:00am – Program begins

Cost: $15.00/pp by 2/9; 17.00/pp after 2/9 or at door   Please RSVP by Thursday, February 9th at